Sports Nutrition

Whether you are a serious athlete or just keen to lose or gain weight, improve your level of fitness or health and performance, Sports Nutrition can help you to put more power into your day!

Our 4-week program will help you:

  • Assess the energy and nutrient adequacy of your current eating pattern to ensure that it is meeting your needs for health and fitness
  • Learn how to gear your portions of food to suit your changing needs within an easy meal plan.
  • Understand how to interpret food labels when buying groceries, drinks and snacks so that you get access to a wider range of foods.
  • Learn what and when to eat to maximize results ie – before- during and after training and competition to achieve better health and performance.

Along with sports nutrition advice, health issues you may also have concerns about will be covered such as cholesterol and blood glucose management, allergies and intolerances.

Our Dietitian, Lea Stening has worked in private practice for over 35 years, offering expert advice to those with problems such as weight control, diabetes, coronary heart disease, gastro-intestinal upsets, allergies, intolerances and other health issues.

As an Accredited Sports Scientist, Lea works with New Zealand sports academies, universities and sporting bodies to provide educational programmes and resources for coaches, elite athletes and their families. Lea is particularly interested in helping young athletes to excel in sports such as athletics, swimming, equestrian and yachting. Lea has also worked with NZ Cricket, NZ Softball, NZ Rowing and NZ Paralympians. In 2006 Lea was awarded a Prime Minister’s Scholarship to attend the Canada Cup Wheelchair Rugby Championship in Vancouver, Canada.

To find out more or book in with Lea:

Phone: 04 3359 4993